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How to Profit with your Own Solar Energy System

Small and large companies alike are faced with very tough obstacles today in further reducing their operating costs. Truly improved efficiencies, when they can be found, are like gold. And one of the surest ways to lower costs (and deliver those savings straight to the bottom line) is by self-generating your own energy.


 M Energy can make it happen for you. 


What you must pay any utility for power is practically beyond your control. 

But what power you chose to make on your own is completely within your control.  By considering your options for solar power with M Energy as your dedicated, professional guide you will never be left to wonder, “What if we had tried…”


Solar energy systems are among the most reliable, predictable and secure means of producing power today.


You may be able to consider a roof-mounted solar electric and/or solar hot water system to ease the monthly burden of your power bills. Or put solar energy to work as an entirely new, additional source of income.  Either way, when you have us review the benefits of a solar-powered future, and discover the new freedom that it delivers to your business, you’ve opened up a world of opportunity. 


The rewards go well beyond the corporate balance sheet:


You can further promote your company’s new source of clean energy as the very visible contributor to environmental and health safety that it is.  Advanced marketing opportunities, public relations and civic pride can all receive a significant boost.



Commercial Solar and Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) Tax Depreciation

The benefits of combining the U.S. Clean Energy Investment Tax Credit (30%) with accelerated depreciation cannot be overstated. 

Since commercial solar can be depreciated at this rate (on a 5-year MACRS schedule), and depending on the cost of your utility-supplied electric, you could see a payback period of under 6 years, with double-digit annual ROI.


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